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Charlie Peppersoap is a webcomic collection of short stories using the same cast of characters for each plot; a serial 'soap opera' with a new Alternate Universe per chapter. Concepts and storylines written by [CAkEFox] and theme in romance (m/m, BL, slash), angst, relationships, friendship, sexuality; in genres up to and including slice of life / non-genre fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, high fantasy, horror, and crime noire.

Updates weekly. Content Warnings provided under each chapter's title page.

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Thank you for the time and attention you've spared this project. Your views, subscriptions, votes and comments make the difference in my day, validating the time spent trying to piece these stories together and get them exposed.

Recent years have passed without such time to sit and draw seriously, and only by recent dayjob forfeiture and cross-country dash for cheaper housing have I found that time again to settle down with some elbowroom and rediscover that riveting sense of focus, absorption. When we say that art is not real work, however, we are mistaking the satisfaction artists get when they work, for the sense of satisfaction we might get from leisure.

It takes research, planning, and hardnosed clerical effort to draw, or paint, or craft song or animations. Quite a bit of grind goes into levelling technical skill, and those behind-the-scenes mistakes and re-draughts never get published, never show the audience all that human error and loss of time. Time that I lost when I took on a fulltime day job to save up for emigration.

Time that I now have back, if only momentarily, that I can use on work which fulfils more than my rent quota; work which actually lends me a sense of purpose and a wide open horizon of improvements to pursue. I was never embarrassed to work at the car wash, the gas station, the fastfood grill. I took a lot of pride in my work as an alzheimer facility attendant, and my fitness improved during overnight maintenance labor. The satisfaction I got from these jobs is the same satisfaction I get from scripting, illustrating, researching, blocking and inking the work you've seen.

So I'll ask you, reader, audience, consumer; the same thing I am about to ask half a dozen HR departments in my new neighborhood: is there room on your payroll for another?

Let's find out together, at Patreon.
update schedule :

The site is currently under construction.  Pages announcing updates will appear by the end of each month, as chapters / episodes will update separately, ordered under false dates to organize by title.

Epilogue, introduction.

"Epilogue" is a love-letter and a warning. It's an apology and a rant, a flipped bird goodbye and a grappling hug hello. "Epilogue" hopes to celebrate years of shared creative endeavor while mourning a friendship unsustainable by two artists traveling down a road at different speeds, in divided lanes, headed opposite directions.